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Wel Come To MOM

What is MOM ?

The institute ‘MOM’ means ‘Master of Memory’ which refers to a deep memory culture based on Yoga and Meditation. Meditation is an age old concept derived from the “ VEDAS ” and developed by the Saint, Sage and Scholars through hundreds of year of studies, practice and research. The institute ‘MOM’ has espoused one, which elevates the human mind to a higher level above the gross feelings and thoughts. This method of meditation is evolved by the institute for constructive and philanthropic purposes in the society at large.

Vision of MOM:

MOM is dreaming high of establishing a Gurukul Educational Complex in the Ganjam District at Aska. We hope this will be a unique institution if it’s owns in the state of Orissa especially in the building memory culture and transcending education in the society. The complex will include Yoga College, meditation complex, herbal garden, spiritual and yoga library, hostel for students, etc.
The dream can be materialized only with the blessing of Almighty and the support of generous

Aim & Objective of MOM :

The pursuit of memory techniques expounded thus by MOM has the aim at bringing the change in the lifestyle of the students and the youth. A healthy mind gives a healthy conduct; a healthy conduct keeps the thought and activities healthy which is beneficial for oneself and the society as a whole. In these days of chaos, restlessness and widespread disturbances, patience and calmness of mind is felt essential. A healthy mind is an indispensable asset of the individual; in all walks of his life, socio-economic, political and administrative. Who does not desire it?

Activities of MOM :

As a part of development of memory education, MOM members are also actively organizing and participating in social services like poor feeding, distribution of cloths and utensils too the needy ,uniform and study material to the students, attending on the victims of natural calamities and mostly fire accidents. They are also involved in the health camps, environmental protection and other such allied activities. We are also training more than 30 members in the field of Yoga as Memory Masters. The institute of MOM is functioning in a rented building at Aska. The member and the voluntary are giving their dedicated service without any honorarium.