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Rules & Ragulations

Few directions of guidance for meditation

1. One should first do pranayam before doing meditation because pranayam makes t(ie mind completely calm and concentrated. A calm and peaceful mind can meditate properly.

2. The mind becomes free by practicing kapalbhati and anulom-vilom pranayams and the meditation takes place on its own. When the devotee performs kapalbhati for

three minutes and anulom-vilom pranayam for 5 to 10 minutes, then the Brahma'1^ divine strength situated in the one of the six ganglions of the body, it starts movir upwards, with which all the Chakras and nerves are purified. The Supreme G< starts positioning in the omkar form, heart and divine light flame. Every waverir mind also concentrates with the help of pranayam.

3. While m editating, give importance to meditation only. Do not think of anythir i else even if it is very auspicious at the time of meditation. Donation, service helping others, study of Vedas, serving the teacher and serving the cow auspicious works, but these things should not be thought of while meditation, is thinking, introspecting, remembering again and again and meeting the soi obtain God while meditating.

4. At the time of reditation make your mind introvert before reditation everyday do think that I am not the form of nature, Matter, glory , Land building, son grandson etc. This ids not my expected & unexpected from , I am liberated From All the External matter at think , this body is also not my from I am not bonded with body & senses like world , touch, from small, I am not from . I am not from of mind & subject of mind i. e Anger, Passion, Lout, attachment & Pride, I am liberated from Jealousies prideness, Treatment, etc. I am Pure Sole bliss enlightenment Peace. I am a son of Nature I am part of that super Consciousness Just like a drop from a Ocean Goes to okay and then again comes back to earth and to again merge with Ocean. Drop cannot live with Ocean. I am just want to be Ocean of bliss . from the drop, that supreme, Provides us life , power , spread, glory, peace and all the materialistic . God has provided us power birth , age, body, age, mind, family, parents and everything. That god has provided and everything. That God is giving us all the pleasures, We are receiving external pleasures from every where by God, He never keeps us away from him for a moment , I am always is God and God is always in me. This synchronization always provided external bliss. God always shortness its. Continuous bliss on us. If we are not able to feel it then we are himself responsible for it.

5. A reditation has to live in detachment keep himself as a prime face and perform the duth of God in detached manner as a service of God. Taking priceless action, is a positive reditation of God.
6. External pleasure of medium of all pleasure seeking devices are the form of sorrow till the time we will have a pleasure oriented mind we will never indulge in a devotion,Meditation of God. And it is difficult to each the stage of super consciousness without the meditation of God.

7. Beginning the meaningful chanting of Omkar is the best for meditation. God has created the eyebrows, eyes, nose, lips, ears, heart and chest and other bodily parts in the form of omkar.

This body and the entire universe are full of omkar. In this way, the devotee chants the omkar mantra and experiences The Brahma , omnipresent, spread in all places, supreme souls and merges in his divine form. Omkar is not an individual or a symbol, it is a divine power which rules the entire universe and at all places. As the soul is not visible in the body even then all the works of the body are accomplished with the existence of the soul, in the same way though in this entire universe the omkar form of Brahma is not visible to the external eyes, even then it is regulating the entire universe with its divine eyes. Along with Omkar gayatri mantra can also be chanted after understanding its meaning.

8.The mind is concentrated by controlling the inhale and exhale and omkar should be chanted. All the senses are faulty, because the eyes can see good and bad things, ears can listen descent and indecent things, nose can smell fragrance and, speech can say both true or lies, tongue eats both digestible and indigestible things, mind develops both good and bad thoughts therefore any form completely flawless. Life is completely free of faults and without shape, to meet the flawless and shapeless Brahama we should take the shelter life and chant omkar. Whenever you get Time, look within and short breaths and with every exhalation chant omkar. The exhale should be so slow that one should not be able to listen to cotton piece kept in front the nostril also should not move. Try exhale once in one minute. In this way try to see the breath beginning the touch of breath will be felt at the front portion Gradually you will experience the touch of deep breath as well. In chanting omkar along with looking within yourself, meditation is achieved on its own. This is normal Yoga and while meditation the devotee sees the God within himself and attains the happiness of deep meditation. The devotee should do the same before going to bed, this makes the sleep also full of yoga. With this practice the entire life of devotee becomes full of yoga.

9. In this way every person aspiring for salvation should meditate at least for an hour everyday and perform devotion, worship and meditation. If this is done all the worries of this world are destroyed and we experience the supreme soul God. We should always remember that the sole aim of life is meeting with the individual soul and obtaining God, rest everything is secondary. If we do not start walking on the path of meeting with the soul, then sage in Upanishad's says, "pride is perishable". Therefore Yoga and meditation are the necessities of our lives.