About us

About us

MOM (Master of Memory) is a unit of Pranab Educational Trust, Aska, Ganjam Registered under Trust Act in the year 2008 having registration no IV-4/2008.

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Memory technique is our heritage and a part of our Vedic tradition. The Veda, the repository of sublime knowledge was kept in “Smirti” (memory) in the days of yore through a process of “Sruti” (listening) by the disciples from their Gurus (religious preceptors). Truly it is a Divine Grace acted through the gracious Gurus, that dawn upon the disciples.

The memory culture of students of MOM is also a technique developed through a process of Yoga and Meditation. A sort of method is adopted by which the student’s nature and the latent talent in him are well studied. Afterwards such practices and activities are vested on him which brings stillness and serenity of his mind. This opens the gateway of memory. Then whatever Treasure of knowledge is desired and stored can find itself imprinted in it. As such the methods are practical and so it is very much difficult to explain with clarity without practice.

The pursuit of memory techniques expounded thus by MOM has the aim at bringing the change in the lifestyle of the students and the youth. A healthy mind gives a healthy conduct; a healthy conduct keeps the thought and activities healthy which is beneficial for oneself and the society as a whole. In these days of chaos, restlessness and widespread disturbances, patience and calmness of mind is felt essential. A healthy mind is an indispensable asset of the individual; in all walks of his life, socio-economic, political and administrative. Who does not desire it?

However it may be understood here that some venerable members of MOM, viz., Sri Sanjaya Kumar Mohanty and Sri J.Rabindra Nath Patro have taken a venture for their debut in the international sphere (Guinness world record) to prove their excellence of memory culture pertaining to binary digits and Random digits respectively, these two claims are selected for its international recognition. Such attempts are felt essential not only for their due recognition but also to expound the fact that our ancient glorious culture sustains evidently even today.

The dream can be materialized only with the blessing of Almighty and the support of generous people. MOM therefore seeks the blessing, support and suggestion from its patrons, well wishers, benevolent institutions, officials and our all the people as a whole.